Міжнародна рекрутингова компанія, що надає послуги з пошуку й підбору персоналу

Career Development Center

Career DevelopmentPowerPact HR Consulting is one of the leading international companies in the field of recruitment and HR consulting in Ukraine. We have been working since 1995, and during this time we have selected staff for more than 350 international and large companies. The list includes next companies: 1+1 Channel, 3M, AES, Amway, Avon, Astelit, Atlantic groupe, Beiersdorf, Coca-Cola, Colliers, Dyckerhoff, Eli Lilly, Epson, Golden Foods, GEA Westfalia Separator, Giraud International, Husqvarna, Horizon Capital, Honeywell, Mondi BP, Mettler Toledo, Office Solutions, HILTI, JTI, JVC, Pfizer, Panalpina, Henkel, Toyota Ukraine, Scania, Sony, Shell, SHL, Samsung, Serna, Schering Plough, Sumitomo, Sun Chemicals, Volvo, Wrigley, Xerox, Zeppelin, Zentiva, Yamanouchi, YKK and many others.

Everyone needs constant development, not only as an individual but also as a specialist. PowerPact HR Consulting cares about your personal growth and offers the following services for candidates:

Workshop "Successful Job Search". This workshop will help you determine your "cost" as a specialist, opportunities and prospects in the labor market, will provide a holistic, systematic view of personnel selection procedures on the part of employers and recruitment agencies. The workshop includes a series of practical exercises and role-playing games, passage of interviews by competences with feedback; verbal and numerical testing of abilitie; targeting and others. In addition, you will receive comprehensive individual counseling from coaches. Groups are recruited by specialization of participants. The training is designed for specialists and managers of middle level.

Workshop "Successful Interview in English". This workshop has the role-playing game—the interview in English—as the main part. Workshop provides the mistakes procession and detailed feedback. You will receive the necessary training for passing the interview in English, learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them, learn the different techniques of interviewing. At the end of the seminar you will have the opportunity to get a comprehensive individual counseling. The program is designed for candidates which are preparing to undergo interviews in English and/or wanting to find work in foreign companies.

Workshop "Career Start". Seminar includes a description and analysis of current trends in the labor market of Ukraine, description of job search features and advice for young professionals in the current economic situation. It will provide an opportunity to assess the perspective in the labor market. It will provide a systematic view of the trainees/specialists selection procedures which are used by employers and recruitment agencies. Workshop includes a series of practical exercises and role-playing games, passing the interviews with feedback; verbal and numerical testing of abilities; targeting; assistance for preparing the CV and cover letter. In addition, you will be able to receive comprehensive advice from the trainers on job search and career planning. Groups are recruited by specialization of participants. The training is designed for students, graduates and young specialists with little experience.

Individual conseling on career development. Individual counseling on career development does not have a defined program, thus it depends on the request of the candidate, and can vary from brief practical advice on job search to the analogue of individual outplacement program including the counseling from psychologist.

More details by phone: +38 044 583-00-45, +38 095 836-13-49, +38 093 315-31-05, or by e-mail: info@powerpact.com.ua

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