Міжнародна рекрутингова компанія, що надає послуги з пошуку й підбору персоналу


If You have a necessity of company's reorganization, staff reduction, or liquidation of enterprise,You can carry out all that with the help of Outplacement and PowerPact HR consulting.

Outplacement is:

  1. Consultation of reduced staff on employment at the expense of former employer;
  2. Counselling service and promotion of reduced personnel at labour market;
  3. Service on organization of the process of employees reduction in most gentle way, form of labour relations termination between company and employees, which envisages attraction of  specialized organizations in order to provide assistance in employment of laid-off employees.

The essence of this service is that when the company had to part with a competent and qualified employee, for which in new conditions there is no place in company, allows to mitigate negative from the very fact of the reduction, to take care about the person and thus, in addition to assistance in further employment, maintains positive image of the company in dismissed employees eyes. Also positive image also has an impact on those employees who continue working for the company.

Outplacement from PowerPact HR consulting:

  1. Analysis of employee's professionalism;
  2. Consultations of employee on resume and cover letters writing, passing interviews;
  3. Advising Head of Company and employee in non-conflict reduction;
  4. Assistance to employee in drafting of new job search strategy: description of actions sequence, methods of job search, etc.;
  5. Advising employee in passage of probation period at new place of work.

Process in details includes following services:

  1. Information package;
  2. Candidate's «promotion» program at labour market;
  3. Psychological package;
  4. Technical package.

PowerPact HR consulting facilitates process of forced reduction for Your employees, takes care about the reputation of Your company and brings it to market, gives advice and psychological support, as well as employs Your staff.

More details by phone: +38 044 583-00-45, +38 095 836-13-49, +38 093 315-31-05, or e-mail: info@powerpact.com.ua  

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