Міжнародна рекрутингова компанія, що надає послуги з пошуку й підбору персоналу


Аутстаффінг Outstaffing is staff removal without recruitment of new one. In this case the service provider company doesn't recruit employees but takes into balance already existing staff of your company. Thus employees continue working at former place and discharge their duties. Outstaffing is used by the companies under: 1. Restriction of the staff list (quantity of employees, amount of the wage); 2. Great effort of HR and Accounting Departments; 3. Absence of HR and Accounting Departments specialists; 4. Absence of branch of the company in the region; 5. Prolongation of a trial period of the new employee; 6. Risk decrease by the company connected with hiring of low-qualified employees.

Using outstaffing service PowerPact clients receive following possibilities and advantages: 1. Loading decrease on staff services and reduction of expenses for their running costs: there is no need to carry on the staff documentation, namely:

  • formation of labor contracts;
  • staff documentation carry on, including personal records, work record cards;
  • salary accounting realization, salary, compensations, taxes payment;
  • making deductions to the bodies established by the legislation;
  • holidays, sick-leave registration ;
  • noticing of the pension Fund on the insurance seniority of workers and made deductions for the purposes of pension;
  • providing workers of all necessary certificates on their demand;
  • administration of business trips and expense reports;
  • administration of insurance contracts;
  • filling of the working hours account sheet;
  • conduction of the book of work record cards account.

2. Responsibility delegation: checking bodies can't fine the company for the infringements connected with staff and tax questions. In case of violations detection by internal audit division, employment center or the Ministry of Social Policy, migratory service (if there are foreign citizens in staff) responsibility bears not only the personnel officer, but also administration. Even at insignificant infringements on the legal person considerable penalties can be imposed. Using outstaffing, the organization and its management are fully discharged from liability not only to supervising authorities but also in cases of labor disputes. 3. Increase, at necessity, the number of employees: Representations of the western companies which can't exceed so-called «hеad count» – a limit of the regular employees quantity, established by the central office for each territory; In cases of staff seasonal expansion necessity; substitution of the employee during maternity leave; or in case of need connected with trial period passage. 4. Improvement of financial indicators: while formally small size and rather low costs for the staff, the financial indicators improve, per employee (profit, sales volume etc.). It can be used as the tool of increase an investment cost of the company. 5. Tax optimization: redistribution of balance sheet items, income and losses statement by transferring labour remuneration expenses into expenses for the services of the third-party organizations that involves decrease in taxable base. During outstaffing PowerPact carries out:

  • Taking the employee on the staff, registration of labor relations between the employee and the company carrying out outstaffing
  • Calculation and payment salary, temporary disablement allowances, compensations for holiday, traveling expenses, etc.
  • Collection of NDFL, payment of deductions from salary to the funds established by the legislation from the company carrying out outstaffing
  • Conduction of work record cards and working hours sheets
  • Execution of sick-lists, certificates etc.
  • Execution of obligatory medical insurance policies
  • Opening an individual bank account for the employee’s salary transfer.

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