Міжнародна рекрутингова компанія, що надає послуги з пошуку й підбору персоналу


Recruitment is a business process that is one of the main responsibilities of HR-managers and recruiters. PowerPact HR Consulting specializes in the selection of bilingual (English and Ukrainian/Russian) professionals, and arranges for work hundreds of specialists every year. Main task of recruiting is to find a person of knowledge and abilities that will fit the position.

PowerPact selects professionals who meet the specific requirements of the client.

PowerPact ensures high professional level of the selected candidates, and can recommend the best candidate for your company, as well as the strict confidentiality of all its clients and candidates.

Our company will cover all your tedious and time-consuming work, we will save you time and money.

Working on the client's order, PowerPact uses the following selection methods:

  • direct search (Head Hunting);
  • search in its own database;
  • working with Ukrainian and Western universities;
  • ads in media.

Direct Search (Head Hunting). Direct search is used to fill the vacancies of the executive managers of the highest rank. When looking for such high-class professionals, PowerPact uses an individual approach, taking into account the specific needs of your company. We make direct contacts with companies and specialists. Strict confidentiality is guaranteed to the client and required specialist. Search in its own database. Search in ouw database is a reliable tool for the search and selection of specialists of primary and secondary level. Currently, the PowerPact database contains information on more than 7000 professionals, selected using structured interview techniques and elements of the target selection. Minimum requirements for the candidates in our database: university degree, 2+ years of experience in successful companies, knowledge of international business, two or more foreign languages, positive recommendations. Working with the Ukrainian and Western universities. In search of young professionals or those who have received Western education and MBA diploma, PowerPact HR Consulting contacts foreign and leading Ukrainian universities. Ads in media. If the client prefers to submit the advertisement via PowerPact, the company is able to design and place ads on behalf of a client in the popular and professional magazines and newspapers of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. Our customers can have a discount on advertising services, which PowerPact has in media. In addition to advertising services, PowerPact provides the client with advice on choosing the media, monitors and analyzes the response to advertisements. PowerPact guarantees:

  • Providing the quality services, the selection of professional staff which fits your business;
  • Saving your time and money, because the unaided selection of personnel is often significantly more expensive;
  • Saving the nerve resources as we take over the most time-consuming and stressful step;
  • Quality, efficiency, professionalism, and all this at reasonable, affordable prices.

More details by phone: +38 044 583-00-45, +38 095 836-13-49, +38 093 315-31-05, or e-mail: info@powerpact.com.ua 

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