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Salary Survey

Огляд заробітних плат Salary survey:   If it is known what it is about then everything is clear. If not known what it is about then it is a question of money. Ability to define salaries and tariff rates providing objective and equal approach to pace rating at different workplaces, is a vital topic of all times and peoples. Each employer repeatedly thought about the following questions:

  • What salary to offer in order to attract the necessary expert and thus not to overpay?How to define real cost of experts?
  • How effectively motivate the staff?How to learn the size of salaries and benefits of competitors?
  • How to make an assessment of starting business appropriateness?

If you haven’t found the answer to these questions yet then stop thinking – it’s time to act! PowerPact Company provides accurate and reliable data on wages, compensatory packages and compensation levels for various posts, description of human resource policies and practices.   PowerPact quickly and qualitatively carries out the result of marketing research, taking into account, specificity of your company activity, the list of posts and regions.   PowerPact offers you following services:

  • Definition of experts’ real market cost.

Knowledge of salaries level in other companies promotes attraction and keeping of the necessary experts. Each expert should know in advance how much his salary depends on his efforts and how much he can earn. That is why determining the salaries and tariff rates is important to provide the objective and equal approach to labor estimation at different workplaces. Besides, estimation of experts real market cost protects the company from underpayment or cost overruns.

  • Efficient management and optimization of wage funds.

Knowledge of market level remuneration allows rationally use the budget on payment – without overspending and negative consequences for attraction, retention and motivation of the employees.

  • Definition of Your Company competitiveness on the labor market. Salary surveys allow tracing changes on the labor market that, in turn, allows keeping the level of company's position on the market, its competitiveness and also being well informed about recent trends in the field of labor remuneration. Besides, comparison of employees’ salaries level in your company with salaries level of such experts on the labor market, for the industry as a whole, allows you to avoid the transfer of your employees to other companies.
  • Effective schemes creation - material and non-material stimulation. For effective motivation of the staff, stability of collective structure, loyalty of salaries and bonuses, it is necessary to conduct the assessment of other companies solvency and also to develop staff motivation system, relying on the authentic data. Research of salaries level and compensatory packages for certain posts as well as the analysis of HR policies and procedures accepted in the market is the convenient tool of staff management which allows receiving the trustworthy information, necessary for decision-making in the field of labor remuneration, formation of recruitment and selection policy, training and motivation of staff. It is necessary to notice that the basic means of attraction and staff deduction are fringes. For example, payment of a variable part of compensation by work results allows increasing staff returns and, as consequence, positively influences results of the company activity. Therefore, choosing the survey, take an interest of the information presentation format of fixed and variable parts of compensation.

Besides, according to your request we are ready to make salary survey and compensatory packages survey of your competitors.   Salary survey contains following stages:

  • Definition of the purposes and the survey content;
  • Definition of  investigated samples;
  • Drawing up of the working questionnaire;
  • Poll carrying out, mass-media analysis, the Internet;
  • Analysis and data processing;
  • Data presentation.

Salary surveys are made under the order, taking into account, specificity of your company activity.   More details about the salary survey on the phone: (38044) 583-00-45  or e-mail: info@powerpact.com.ua

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