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  Менеджер по продажам
  • Энергосберегающие технологии
  • Киев, Подольский район, Україна
  • 02/15/2018
Инженерное образование; Опыт работы в продажах ;
Высокая мобильность, активность, энергичность; -->
  Market analyst
  • Японская компания, импортер автомобилей
  • Київ, Україна
  • 04/10/2018
Market analytic (preferably experience in automotive business), at least 2 years;Ability to interpre...
  Консультант- продавец бытовой техники
  • Международная немецкая компания, дистрибьютор бытовой техники.
  • Голосіївський район, Київ, Україна
  • 03/22/2018
Опыт работы в сфере розничных продаж от 2-х лет. Опыт работы с бытовой техникой будет преимуществом;...
  Trade Marketing Specialist
  • The company provides professional services in recruiting.
  • Україна
  • 04/17/2018
university degree,
min 3 years of experience in trade marketing
strong communication ...
  Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Our client - official importer of the Japanese car manufacturer
  • Україна
  • 02/15/2018
Work experience: 3+ years
Skills: Knowing digital programs, internet, web mastering, creativity...
  Специалист по сервисному маркетингу
  • Японская компания, импортер автомобилей
  • Голосіївський район, Київ, Україна
  • 04/05/2018
- высшее образование;- аналитические навыки;
- возможность работать с объемными базами данных и б...
  Сервісний інженер
  • Міжнародна компанія є одним із світових лідерів у галузі надання комплексних рішень й систем для молочного тваринництва
  • Харків, Україна
  • 01/23/2018
Вища технічна освіта;Досвід роботи на інженерній посаді від 2-х років;Практичний досвід ремонту, обс...
  Регіональний менеджер з продажу
  • Розробка агротехнологій і їх реалізація на ринку.
  • Херсон, Україна
  • 04/10/2018
Професійні якості:
1. Агрономічні знання в області технологій вирощування сільськогосподарських кул...


Client-oriented approach

Our experts offer the best decisions of staff issue, taking into account interests of the client.

Individual approach

Staff recruitment is led taking into account all peculiarities and wishes of the customer.

Confidentiality concerning clients and candidates

Preservation and non-proliferation of the received information about the client.

Non-standard decisions

Development and training of candidates to high client standards.

Efficient informing of the client

Information granting in the shortest terms.


Salary survey
Making a CV
Career development


Very many professionals eventually come to the point of burnout in their profession and dream of a change of specialty. In this case, it is not uncommon for the situation when the working conditions in the company suit, and does not want to change the familiar team, but professional changes are very necessary. In such cases, the ideal strategy will be to change the function within the same company. And how to do it and where to start, so that the new career turn became successful, read on in the article.

We decided to answer all questions that cause difficulties in the preparation of the resume. There are questions even among applicants with experience, who claim to occupy Top-positions. The requirements of recruiters do not always seem clear, and not everyone understands how to apply them to their profession and position.


Attention please

After analyzing the requests of the managers of the companies with which we cooperate, we have decided to organize a permanent "staff development school".

Schedule and list of topics are given in the article.

In the process of dismissal, there are many pitfalls and difficult moments. He can eat a lot of nerves and harm further career and reputation, negate the long efforts invested in the work.

If your goal is moving up the career ladder, and you want to grow up to a managerial position, this needs to be constantly worked out from the very beginning. Our recommendations will tell what actions do effectively lead to successful career development.

Some of our clients

Мак Хаус, ТОВ Kyiv Пост Україна (Істіл Телеком) АЕС (Київобленерго) Укрглас, ТОВ Укрпластик, ВАТ


Tetiana Berenok
Business Development Manager


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