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Marketing Manager/Trade Marketing Manager

Маркетинг, реклама , Україна

Категорія: Маркетинг, реклама

Зарплата: 20000 ₴

Досвід роботи

11.2012 — 11.2013 Приховано
Head of Aviation Activity Department, Commercial Division

➤ • Leading the team of 5 people responsible for key accounts management, contracts preparation, timely contracts prolongation, adjustments, etc.
• Managing the Aviation Revenues coming from the core Airport Activities, introducing new services and opportunities for the Carriers in order to satisfy the Carriers' expectations as well as to increase the Aviation Revenue
• Leading negotiations with International and Domestic Carriers targeted onto selling the Ground Handling services or extending the cooperation with new services; Leading negotiations with major International Carriers such as Emirates, Swiss Air, etc and engaging them into operating their flights to Ukraine
• Contributing to the revision of the strategic plan of the airport development and suggesting actions for its further development toward the Hub option
• Supervision of the contracts preparation and their fulfillment by the parties; evaluation of the contracts values.

➤ • Contributing to the development of the Incentive program for the Carriers, providing detailed calculation of the potential profits and losses in case of the incentive program implementation. At the moment the program stays at the Ministry of Infrastructure for final confirmation
• Engaging new Customers (such airlines as Belavia, Utair Ukraine, Utair Russia) into getting the passenger handling services from the KBP Airport (not from any other provider)
• Successful negotiations with such Carriers as Emirates, Swiss Air resulted into Emirates and Swiss Air extending their destination maps with KBP Airport and both are taking complete Ground Handling complex at KBP Airport.
• Close cooperation with Base Carrier (Ukraine Internationl Airlines) allowed to mitigate the negative consequences of the Aerosvit bancruptcy, so that by the end of the year the total number of the passengers was close to 2012 results (8.4 mln passengers)
• Establishing transparent rules of cooperation with other departments, reducing the paper work

➤ Restructuring, complete change of the management team
1.2010 — 11.2012 Приховано
Marketing Excess Planning Manager, Eastern Europe

➤ • Total control over inventory situation in Ukraine and Georgia in order to achieve the EE inventory level goal with special focus onto life cycle management and keeping SOL optimal.
• Development of the trade marketing activities utilizing the available as well as projected excess inventory.
• Development and execution of the sell-off actions for the excess inventory provided that the essential brand differentiating features are evident and not impacted by the discounted offers.
• Preparation of the recommendation for the Obsolescence provision to be reflected in the financial reports for Ukraine & Georgia.
• Tracing inactive stock generation, planning the Obsolete stock by means of creating smart propositions in brochures, flyers, Internet – choosing proper sell off vehicles, offering best price ensuring proper balance between demand and profitability.
• Introducing innovative ways of the excess stock disposal by means of implementing alternative offers for the out-of-stock products.
• Contributing and leading the regional projects (e.g. Everybody Wins in EE, Skin Care Recovery in Ukraine & Georgia, Buy More Save More, Product Availability Indicators, Alternative Offers for Out-Of-Stock, etc)
• Active contributor into strategic planning on the local and regional level

➤ • Ukraine stayed the only market within EE cluster that showed the consistent healthy inventory balance for 2 years in a row. The inactive stock share at the year end was below 15% in value.
• In Ukraine sales contribution coming form the inactive stock exceeded 10% in financial terms, while margin imact never exceeded -1p.p. In Georgia excess sales exceeded 20% to total sales which was the targeted action as it was called to neutralize the negative effect of sales overestimation that led to huge inactive inventory creation.
• Ukraine was the only market that fully introduced the "Product Availability Indicator" (PAI) project. The key focus of the project was to inform the Representatives of the out-of-stock and to offer the relevant alternative offer. The process of alternative offers selection was completely carried by myself and later applied for other markets. Sales contribution from such alternative offers allowed to eliminate the lost sales and to bring forth up to 1.5% of additional sales.

➤ Lack of professional growth.
5.2009 — 11.2009 Приховано
Acting Marketing Manager

➤ • Leading a team of 11 people whose expertise captured Media and communication, ATL & BTL management, pricing, demand forecasting and analytics, campaign planning and execution.
• Working over the short-term and mid-term marketing strategy for key categories implementation, developing strategies for new categories/products launches
• Taking all possible actions to increase brand awareness in Ukraine; building right image of the company and getting rid of any negative associations (e.g. “too cheap to be good”) by means of continuous work and consistent messaging.
• Tactical campaign planning to ensure it is done up to KPIs, budget, local relevance.
• Strategic pricing and tactical price moves (especially in the volatile economic environment when pricing was an important milestone to catch up with local currency devaluation and to recover profitability).
• Preparation of the business cases for marketing and sales initiatives, that highlighted risks and opportunities in every possible scenario (optimistic, pessimistic, realistic), in order to ensure positive ROI and achieving the goals
• Developing single and sharp approach to the communication rules embracing the total quarterly message under one “umbrella”
• Building strong partnership within the organization in order to provide the united campaign support to all layers of the Field by means of close cooperation with Finance, Sales Support and Customer Service.
• Control over the brochures and POS preparation starting from the brief preparation for the agencies till delivery to the warehouse.
• Approaching digital and building a new communication platform within social media.
• Managing marketing budget and budget allocation for best ROI.
• Negotiating with CEE Marketing and presenting marketing plans to local management team and Sales force.
• Participation in regional and local projects

➤ • Consistent Sales and Marketig programs allowed not only slow down the sales drop (resulted by the economy crisis in 2008) but to bring the business back on growth trail. 2009 resulted in 50% representative base growth and over 10% sales growth.
• First time ever we've introduced an offer endorsed by Disney. The whole program captured all the sales force layers and the results were outstanding: the take rate exceeded the forecasted numbers by 15% on average. The top seller product was sold into every order processed.
• First time ever Avon utilized the billboard to communicate the offer benefits. The results exceeded forecast by 30% for the product advertised, while halo effect allowed led to total sales increase - that was the first campaing after sales slow down when business started to recover to growth.
• For the first time Avon introduced promotion in internet: a viral game and competition that allowed to gather over 1.000 leads in just 3 weeks.

➤ Maternity leave
5.2006 — 5.2009 Приховано
Marketing Campaign Planning and Excess Planning Manager/ Since 2008 - Deputy director of Trade marketing department

➤ • Leading a team of 3 people responsible for campaign planning and plans executions as well as for category management.
• Adjusting regional launch plans to the marketing realities defining the key launches relevant for the market, season, event in order to reach sales targets.
• Keeping focus onto all the core categories within the portfolio (Color Cosmetics, Skin Care, Fragrances, Personal Care, Fashion and Jewelry) to manage right balance in the contribution coming from each category and to ensure high product penetration and sufficient profitability.
• Ensuring proper messaging relevant for the Avon brand in general as well as for each separate sub-brand within every category in order to build consistent communication linked to each separate brand.
• Training the campaign planning team and controlling the execution
• Coordination of the brochure and other POS materials preparation process
• Cascading relevant information on campaign key launches to the field
• Preparing communication to IT, Customer Service, Sales, Supply Chain related to the campaign planning
• Tracing the excess stock for Finished Goods, components and raw ingredients both in-country and at the manufacturing locations
• Preparing relevant disposition plans, forecasting and reporting excess generation and disposition
• Preparation of the recommendations for Obsolescence provision for slow-moving stocks.
• Participation in regional and local project groups working over service improvement, stock building and product line simplification.
• Supervising all the processes in the Marketing departments in order to be an instrumental back-up for the Head of Marketing.

➤ • Introduced clear and sharp procedure for campaign planning process and POS materials preparation.
• Established the pricing process
• Worked out transition plans for brochure print transfer from Poland to Ukraine and then back to Poland in 2009
• Conributed to smooth transition from the 4-weeks campaign cycle to 3-weeks campaign cycle

➤ Promotion to the position of the Acting Marketing Manager
12.2000 — 5.2002 Приховано
Personal Assistant to the Head of Operations

➤ Coordination of all OPS managers activity;
Provide timely information delivery from the Head of OPS to everybody involved, etc.

➤ Promotion.

Знання мов

Українська C1+. Просунутий, вільний
Російська C1+. Просунутий, вільний
Англійська C1+. Просунутий, вільний
Іспанська, кастильська B1. Середній рівень
Business trips: 50%
Migration: Possible


To apply the obtained knowledge and experience in everyday activity in order to bring my employer's company to outstanding results. Apart from this, I'm activily searching for the real ways of practicing new marketing techniques so that the theoretical knowldge would turn into practivcal implementation.


Employment: Full employment


Own car for job-related usage Yes
Driving license: B
Accounting systems: Other AIS
Computer skills Experienced PC user. Excellent Microsoft Office usage skills.


9.2000 — 6.2002
Kyiv Vadym Hetman national economic university (KNEU)
Law as Economy Regulatory Means
9.1994 — 7.1999
Kyiv national linguistic university (KNLU)
English and Spanish Languages and Foreign Literature

Additional education

11.2013 — 12.2013
"Sila slova" (Power of the Word) training course
Public Speaking, Negotiations
12.2013 — Ongoing
Be First Marketing School
Marketing Growth
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